Friday, July 4, 2014

DEAD HAZE, By E.J. Knapp and Timothy Long

Timothy W. Long and Eloise J. Knapp have teamed up to create a a free zombie serial on the web.

The zombie serial is called Dead Haze. The story details the combined adventures of Kate and Cyrus.
 "Two worlds collide when Kate (from AMONG THE LIVING, Timothy W. Long) and Cyrus (THE UNDEAD SITUATION, Eloise J. Knapp) encounter each other in an epic battle against the undead in Seattle."

Each installment alternates between Kate's voice and Cyrus' voice. The characters of Kate and Cyrus are both deeply flawed, with sociopathic tendencies. Both characters share the same city as their setting. At a recent reading in Seattle, Long and Knapp discussed what might happen if their characters might happen to meet. Dead Haze is the result.

Check it out!
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