Saturday, June 8, 2013

Free Zombie Short Stories

Today, enjoy several free zombie short stories from various sites across the web.

Bricks of the Dead

"The Pilot" by Bryan James
(also appears in LZR-1143 Perspectives)

"For Elise" by Evan R.

"Grace Period" by D.L. Snell


The Living Dead 2 

Edited by John Joseph Adams

Selections from the anthology are available online for free. 

Includes work by Carrie Ryan, David Moody, David Wellington, and others. 

There are more selections from The Living Dead anthologies online, too. 


Adrian's Undead Diary

By Chris Philbrook

This is one of the first, and best developed, online zombie stories told in blog form. 

Start with Episode One

Or use the complete archives.


The Morningstar Saga

By Z.A. Recht and Others

There are a few stories posted for free at The Morningstar Saga website. 

One is by Z.A. Recht himself.


Living With The Dead 

By Josh Guess

A blog-form ongoing story of life among the living dead.


What Zombies Fear

By Victor Tookes (Kirk Allmond)

What Zombies Fear  has four different books in the series. These stories are part of the saga.


All Things Zombie

Various Authors

Free online zombie stories at


Tales of the Zombie War

Various Authors

Find short and long stories on Tales of the Zombie War along with  many, many contest-winning entries.

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