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Bricks of the Dead

Bricks of the Dead: A Webcomic About Life, Death, Love, and Zombies...Mostly Zombies.

Bricks of the Dead is a Lego-based webcomic that began January 1, 2010.  The first episode begins the story at the start of the zombie outbreak. The site has been thriving for over three years. This ongoing story contains 378 episodes so far. Each episode has four frames.  Navigation buttons below the comic allow reader to navigate between episodes. 

Enter The Story...

At the Bricks of the Dead  Current Episode

This will let you see the most current developments and comments. Each episode has discussion and commentary that is constantly evolving. Many readers like to  check the current episode several times to find out what others have to say. 

At Bricks of the Dead Episode ONE

This option allows you to follow the story from the beginning




Through the Bricks of the Dead Comic Archive

This page shows all the episodes in one list. It offers a complete list of episode titles and credits for guest authors. Episode Titles were added beginning in  2012.

Bricks of the Dead Features

Zombie Cliche Lookout

Each installment contains a "Zombie Cliche Lookout" that examines cliches in zombie fiction. Dave, the creator, added this feature to enhance the storyline.
"As I was writing the comic, I was trying to address a lot of the tropes and cliches that I love and hate (and love to hate) in the zombie genre. It didn't take long before I realized that, so long as I'm already working with them, I might as well write them up and maybe get some discussion going. It turned out to be a really good idea; I can't tell you how many people cite that as one of the more memorable parts of my comic."

Discussion Question 

Each episode also includes a discussion question, and that often sparks commentary. There's now a forum for further discussion of zombie-related matters.

Story-Related Features

More Free Zombie Fiction at Bricks of the Dead

Bricks of the Dead Additional Features

About Dave from Bricks of the Dead

Dave lives in Michigan with his wife and two children. He works for a web development company. Dave insists that he is "not really all that interesting a person." His readers would probably disagree with that assessment.

Dave has a very active following. Readers can get a very good sense of his style from reading his comments and interactions with the members of his site. That's that part he enjoys most about the site, actually.
"I love the interaction with people. I've been at this over three years now, and there's quite a little community here now. I know all the regular commenters and love talking to them every time a new episode comes out."
Dave has many partners and collaborators for Bricks of the Dead. 
"I've been lucky enough to have a lot of partners in crime on Bricks of the Dead. I've got a staple of reviews, like Evan, Angelina, and Greg (and many more), and loads of guest-writers. It's really been a ton of fun working with all these different people and having them contribute to this silly little website I've build. I couldn't be more appreciative.
Dave explains the word "Bricks":

"It's sort of a branding thing. LEGO (all caps) is the name of the company, and one of the products they produce are LEGO Bricks. Once upon a time, they made wooden toys, and even before that they made furniture. So calling the bricks "LEGO" or "LEGOs" is technically incorrect, not unlike calling a tissue a Kleenex. Of course, everyone does it (even me)."

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