Saturday, August 3, 2013

Z-Risen, Free Zombie Fiction by Timothy W. Long

Z-Risen is a free zombie fiction in serial form. 

Timothy W. Long began this creation in June of 2013, which is when he he announced its inception on his blog.

According to Mr. Long, this is the background for the story:

"When the USS McClusky (FFG-41) was overrun by the dead Machinist Mate First Class Jackson Creed, and Marine Sergeant Joel “Cruze” Kelly, were forced to abandon the ship, and take their chances in San Diego.
Now they are stuck in a city that has been completely overrun with zombies and as the days go by they must range farther and farther away from ‘fortress’ in their search for supplies. Relying on military training, guts, and pure force of will, the two of them will face a nightmare world that is intent on killing them one bite at a time."

The story is told in weekly installments- a classic format for serial fiction.  

The first entry is called "Beer Run." It's told in the voice of Machinist Mate First Class Jackson Creed. This first installment is a diary entry written by Jackson Creed.

The diary begins with a list of supplies. The list illuminates a number of things about the story. 

Here's how the first entry begins:
The f***g has become more bearable even though we almost joined the crawlers today.
  • A pound and a half of Jasmine rice
  • A half pound of dried beans
  • Two pounds of that tofu-jerky s**t that gives me gas
  • Seven cans of tuna
  • Two cans of cat food that I’m saving one for Butch in case he returns
  • A case of canned spinach that I eat even though every bite makes me want to puke my guts up
I want to go on record as saying that this whole stupid day was Joel’s fault.

Immediately, we have a sense of the character and circumstances. All this is done with very few words, in an intriguing format.  It's a strong start. The supply list reappears in subsequent episodes, each time with subtle variations that help advance the story.

Timothy W. Long is the author of the zombie novels AMONG THE LIVING, AMONG THE DEAD, and the military themed BEYOND THE BARRIERS, all of which are published by Permuted Press.

Long is also the co-creator of another zombie serial called Dead Haze, which he writes with E.J. Knapp.

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