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Zombie Exodus is Interactive Free Zombie Fiction

Zombie Exodus: Interactive Zombie Fiction for Free

Jim Datilo has created an interactive fiction site that takes readers through the zombie apocalypse, one page at a time.

Readers can enter the story 
 Starting with Part I
It's possible to save a story and come back to it later, restart the story with new choices, or skip further along in the narrative.
The story can be explored using mobile devices as well. 

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Jim Dattilo Talks About Zombie Exodus

Zombie Exodus is first and foremost a story, not a game.

It establishes a world under the chaos of a Zombie Apocalypse, introduces characters along the way, each with their own personalities and motivations, and takes the reader through a harrowing adventure through a zombie-filled city.
However, Zombie Exodus is interactive fiction. The reader is the protagonist and crafts the story with choices made. The early chapters create the protagonist's background, so the reader can be someone clearly fit for a Zombie Apocalypse, such as an ex-Special Forces soldier, or a more challenging role, such as a scientist or minister.

As the story unfolds, the game tracks choices and serves up new content to fit the reader's profile. This interactivity customizes the story being told. The paths taken through the story change based on decisions, so the story may be read multiple times with different results.
I started writing Zombie Exodus in May, 2011.
I broke the game into major parts and published the first two parts for free through Choice of Games. They published the story in December, 2011 on their Web site and through iTunes and Google Play as mobile apps.

About Zombie Exodus

From the blog:
"Zombie Exodus is an interactive fiction story, which puts you in the role of a survivor during the first stages of a zombie apocalypse. In interactive fiction, you make the choices that build the plot and develop the characters. Can you survive in the the zombie apocalypse?
In interactive fiction, you read a narrative section and choose from several choices for progressing the story."
Jim Datilo created the game because, as he says, “I grew up reading interactive fiction and hosting roleplaying games with friends,”

Datillo wanted merge the idea of readers having many choices with the intensity of the zombie genre.
 “I created this game with a goal to give readers many choices to explore and to have them experience the terror and intensity of day 1 of an apocalypse. With the popularity of zombies exploding in recent years, I also wanted to bring back the horror and suspense of the genre with unique characters and a plot-driven story.

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