Thursday, September 5, 2013

Free Zombie Fiction from Amanda Hocking's ZOMBIEPALOOZA

Amanda Hocking sponsored ZOMBIEPALOOZA on her blog in 2010 and 2011.  Those two events are a goldmine for free zombie stories. Many of the authors who published stories there have now become quite well-known. Others are simply hidden gems.  

Here are a few zombie short stories selected from ZOMBIEPALOOZA. More will be indexed in future posts.

First Day, by William Esmont

Esmont is the author of the Elements of the Undead zombie fiction series. Find more about Esmont at his website William Esmont

Until Death Do Us Part, by David Michael

David Michael keeps a blog called Guns and Magic. He writes urban fantasy and YA novels, usually. This zombie story is an early exploration into a new genre.

Happy Birthday, Eric by  J. Dean

Dean is the author of The Summoning of Clade Jesso.  J. Dean's blog is called The World of the Vein. This free zombie story seems to set the stage for a larger work.

Angela and the Zombie Village by Jason Letts

Jason Letts contributed this zombie fiction story. According to the website for Jason Letts, he has jsut published a new novel after a hiatus of over a year.

Shall Arise First by Craig Hansen

Criag Hansen wrote this zombie short story that has strong biblical influences. Visit his website at Craig Hansen.

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