Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dead Too, Rights

 By Jaeger

A Novel and A Mystery

Dead Too, Rights is a nearly-complete novel with a bit of a mystery behind its creation. The name of the main character is Jaeger. 

This is also the only known name for the novel's author. 

Two years ago, updates to the site ceased. Fans were concerned. They still wanted to read more because they found the story so compelling and well-written. They had come to care about the writer behind the words. The mystery has not been explained, but there are a few more details at the end of this article. 

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The Novel

Whatever the circumstances, Dead Too, Rights is complex and crafted with great care. A great deal of world-building backs up almost every event.  

The story begins with the terminally-ill main character, Jaeger, confined and imprisoned in a hospital bed: 
It’s hard to get comfortable with both ankles and one wrist handcuffed to a hospital bed while wearing nothing but an open-back hospital gown. With a Connecticut Department of Corrections officer sitting at the foot of said bed no less.
“Enjoying the view?” I asked, frowning as I caught him peeking at my girl bits over the edge of his newspaper. Again.
"Yup,” he replied cheerfully.

Jaeger, the character,  is a convicted murderer and former member of the military. She also suffers from Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS). When Jaeger receives experimental treatments for her disease, she gains unexpected benefits.

The zombies in Dead Too, Rights have differing capacities, based on how and when they were infected.  Each type is detailed on the zombies page of the site. The site also has pages for characters and local geography.

The Mystery

"Jaeger" created the novel's website and maintained it through April of 2011. In that time, she wove a connected web of a story, with detailed background information. As it grew, so did her following. Soon it was large enough to support a discussion forum. Jaeger had a number of devoted fans. 

Determined to keep the site free of advertising and available to all readers, Jaeger never asked for money, even when personal and financial circumstances made writing difficult.  As recently as November of 2013, her fans were still visiting the discussion forum, eager for updates.

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