Saturday, November 23, 2013

DEUS EX MORBUS, by Keith Barclift

Deus ex Morbus:

A Free Zombie Serial from Keith Barclift

Keith Barclift's Deus ex Morbus begins with The Diseased. In his series, the emphasis is on the infection itself. Barclift's zombies don't necessarily intend to mindlessly devour their human victims. 

What these zombies seek to do is infect or extinguish-- either convert humans or eliminate them. This motivation puts a new twist on the story.

In The Diseased,  the Zombies Have a Mission

Barclift created living-dead creatures whose abilities and motivations made a traditional approach almost impossible. His characters would not deal with the ordinary kill/eat formula. They would soon discover that:
"The conventional knowledge of the slow-moving zombies in the campfire horror story was useless for the most part.  They weren’t the walking dead and these weren’t the zombies of Romero or Brooks. They were not even zombies, they were Diseased. 
They weren’t out to eat your brains. They just wanted to infect you or kill you: to make you one of them or to eliminate you. They didn’t move slowly, at least not until they started to burn their metabolism out. They maintained most of their motor skills.

And most importantly: "The Diseased" were becoming organized."

The Diseased Is Only the Beginning

Barclift's original intention was to create a three-part story. The Diseased is Part One.
" focuses on the core characters in the Command Group as they travel to Fort Knox to what they think is safety. But they don't know that the Russians had plotted with religious extremists to start a Rebellion and overthrow the US Government. Their plan worked a little too well and now they are fighting to control a population of prisoners that they coaxed into coming to Fort Knox. And all the while, the Command Group is struggling to keep control on the overgrowing civilian population that they keep finding on their way."
Keith Barclift explains that: "While I'm a huge fan of zombie fiction, I'm trying to add another element of non-infected vs non-infected. The zombie fights are great and all, but I've always felt that the interaction of infighting between non-infected humans is what makes a good zombie story."

Barclift welcomes feedback. He is looking for an editor to help him improve his stories. Find out more about Keith Barclift in the Deus ex Morbus author's blog section.

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