Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When the Dead Rise, by C. M. Fick

When the Dead Rise: 

A Free Zombie Serial by C. M. Fick

C. M. Fick began the free zombie serial When the Dead Rise in August of 2012.  At that time, Ms. Fick already a self-published fantasy author with a following of readers. She wanted to write about zombies, but simply didn't have time to devote to a full-length novel. When the Dead Rise was her solution.  She started with one story, then kept adding on. 

Series 1 Was the Beginning

Fick has always loved zombies and had an interest in the humans who manage to survive the zombie apocalypse.  She explains:
"...when the idea for a zombie trilogy came to me, I had to get it down on paper. With a large fantasy project underway, however, I didn't have time to write the novels. Patient Zero was my way of letting my creative zombie-juices flow, without having to commit a large amount of time to a new project or compromise my fantasy project. "
Over time, the idea grew into a complete list of interrelated stories. Soon, there were twelve volumes. These twelve stories make up the entirety of Series 1.

A new virus has been created and now the dead walk the earth; a voracious hunger for living flesh driving them to seek out those fortunate enough to survive. It all started with Patient Zero...

Series 2 Is Soon to be Released

Now there are two series. Series 2 Begins November 30, 2013.
"Series 1 focuses on the initial spread of the virus (based mostly in Texas), while Series 2 will branch out to the major cities in the US and beyond. There will be character crossover from Series 1 in the new series, but each story will continue introducing new characters and their struggles against the growing undead population."
Some will survive. Some will die. Some will fall victim to the plague.  Others will find themselves changed in fundamental ways.

As the undead plague spreads, survivors scatter, seeking refuge when the largest cities in the USA fall to the zombie plague. Who will live to fight another day and who will join the growing ranks of the undead?

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