Friday, December 27, 2013

Days Ago Diary

"...Morgan lives in a world where the dead walk and the living run like hell"

There are innumerable blog sites with daily entries that add up to (or add on to) complete stories. Perhaps this format appeals to authors because they can add to their stories in smaller increments. Days Ago Diary is one such site. The story is now up to Day 40. The author began the story in March of 2012. The most recent entry was made in September 2013. There may be more to come.

In Days Ago Diary, readers can follow one young man's reaction to the zombie-induced end of the world. The first entry ends with these words:

"My name is Morgan. This is the first time I’ve ever written a journal and the first time I’ve been afraid of the coming dark."

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Entries are also tagged based on their content.  For example,  at the end of each entry, there are jump links to other entries with similar content. This is interesting, but it makes navigation is a little bit confusing. It's not clear how the pieces with similar content fit together.   Just remember to scroll all the way to to bottom of the page to move to the next entry.

The author of Days Ago Diary gives his name, simply, as John. In a letter to his readers, he says "I’m writing the journal of a young man facing the end of the world as he knows it. It’s exciting to write and I’m hoping its exciting to read it as well."

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  1. Thanks for featuring me :D I really appreciate it. I'll be following this blog from now on and will be editing and posting the next days of Days Ago Diary from this weekend. Stay tuned.