Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oasis by Bryce Beattie

Oasis is the story of an ER nurse who must fight his way through a bizarre viral outbreak that causes the zombie apocalypse. Along the way, he faces innumerable infected undead and a cast of interesting characters.




Bryce Beattie published the first installment of the serial novel on Story Hack in July of 2006. He finished the story almost exactly two years later, in July of 2008. 

The links above lead to the unedited first version of the story. The final version of Oasis is for sale in paperback and Kindle formats. There's also an Oasis website.

Readers can access a table of contents with all chapters on a single page or start the story at the beginning and read one chapter at a time.

Story Sample

Corbin St. Laurent is the hero of the tale. At the very beginning of the story, Corbin's supervisor chases him down the hall:
“Hey, Corbin, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think that you were ignoring me.” He said.

“Huh?” I lied, “I didn’t hear you. This overtime you’ve been giving me must be taking a toll.”

“Look, we’ve got four coming in, severe trauma, some kind of explosion. You know how things have been going in the ER today, we’re going to need a couple of extra hands. I’m trying to get a team together before they get here. Dr. Dressel is already getting a suit on.”

“A suit?”

“Yeah, didn’t I say? We were told it there’s some kind of biological agent involved.”

With some difficulty, St. Laurent manages to avoid the extra hours, and steps out onto the street. There, he finds some odd-looking trailers parked nearby.
...Two of the trailers looked like they had seen many blood drives. The paint was peeling in places, dirt clung to every nook and cranny, and the tires were looking more than a little bald. The third trailer was clean, practically sparkling. It smelled of faintly of fresh paint. Even the metal stairs that led to the door looked brand new. The light was on inside and a small crowd was gathered outside. A hand-drawn sign on the door explained why.

It read, “Free flu shots today.”
This, although he does not know it yet, is the beginning of the end.  READ THE STORY NOW.

Author Photo Courtesy Andrew Butterworth

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