Monday, December 23, 2013

Zombie Waffe and Night Zero

Two Free Zombie Fiction Webcomics

Zombie Waffe

This zombie fiction webcomic ran from July 2011 to February 2013. The author stopped updating after this point.

Zombie Waffe comes from the German word for weapon. The title means "Zombie Weapon." The story begins with the viral outbreak and follows three young men through the zombie apocalypse, One comic page at a time.

Night Zero

Night Zero's authors say:
"The Night Zero vignettes are stand-alone stories of the post-apocalypse in photographic novel form. Each one is a glimpse into the end of the world, from the eyes of a struggling survivor, and unlike the serial episodes of the City Planning story arc, these vignettes are independent of each other and can be enjoyed in any order."

The series offers two different story types-- Vignettes and Serials

This free zombie fiction webcomic is a real-cast photo comic book that was produced on location in Seattle, Washington. The work is completed with the sense of a feature film, but the story is told through a series of still shots. These photo stills have dialogue added to create the comic. 

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