Friday, January 3, 2014

Run Dext Run

Run Dext Run: Diary of a Runner


Stephen  Kuhn, Jr.

Concept and Character Art:  Seth Rotto
Story Edits:  Mandie Kuhn

Run Dext Run! is free zombie fiction with an interesting premise. 

The Body

Some significant amount of time after the zombie outbreak, a platoon of soldiers discovers a body. The platoon leader writes to his commanding officer:
"...we found one body of particular interest. The guy was a mess. Like most, he was devoured so finding a cause of death was near impossible. His left arm was severed at the elbow and the forearm was partially eaten but the hand clutched a book unlike anything we’ve seen since the beginning."

The Book

The book in the victim's hand is the story-- told piece-by-piece-- as  the squad is able to transcribe it.
"We’re transcribing the handwritten text and will be sending them via this format to you as they are completed."
 There's more than the infection to be worried about:
"I can’t believe he made it all the way here from the east, and the things he’s learned about the Zs along the way are crucial to our mission. I only fear that once the Zs are under control we’ll have a whole other fight on our hands."
 And so begins the story of  Run, Dext, Run or Diary of a Runner

The Ongoing Story

Run Dext Run is an online, ongoing zombie fiction story. The site averages  between 5500 and 6500 readers each month. The first 50 entries are free. The rest are subscription-based. 


Run Dext Run!


*Special thanks to Shanna Redwind, whose "10 Best Online Zombie Stories" helped to bring attention to this item.

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