Thursday, January 23, 2014

What Zombies Fear by Allmond and Bretz

Free Zombie Fiction From the What Zombies Fear Series

As you may know, Kirk Allmond and Laura Bretz's What Zombies Fear series is now contracted  with Permuted Press. That means that all the books and related stories are likely to be revised and re-released over the coming months. It also means that paperback copies of many of the books will soon be available.

This is great news. It's great news for the authors because they will get the wider promotion and attention they deserve. It's great news for the general public because they will see some new material that only those of us "in the know" have been able to see.

For now, the novels are still free, if you know where to look. Die-hard fans will probably be interested in these original versions. The related stories are free, too, and just as interesting.

 Free Zombie Fiction

"What Zombies Fear" Related Novels & Novellas

The Book of Kris  A Complete Novel by Laura Bretz

The Aussie Versus the Infected
The Incarnation

Free Zombie Fiction:

"What Zombies Fear" Related Zombie Short Stories

Billions: Shawn

Daryl and Harry, Part 1

Ryan Fullerton, Part 1

The Meteor

John's Narrow Escape 
(Written by the online participant Sleeping_Insomniac)

Leo's Story
(Written by the online participant Leo

Free Zombie Fiction

The Complete "What Zombies Fear" series

Book One: A Father’s Quest

Book Two: The Maxists

Book Three: The Gathering

Book Four: Fracture

Book Five Declaration of War

Book Six: LEGION

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