Thursday, February 20, 2014

50 Ways to Be Killed by Zombies By P.R. O'Leary

50 Ways to Be Killed by Zombies

P.R. O'Leary has created an interactive piece of free zombie fiction. But beware...there are 52 possible endings, and 50 of them result in your death. 

Only two of the endings will end in survival. Think you can do it? 

Give it a try here:

I asked O'Leary about the inspiration for this piece:
"The classic 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books were what made me love to read when I was a kid. I always want to contribute to the genre. Combining that idea with my love of zombies films was a no-brainer. (No pun intended.) And putting it online was an obvious choice, allowing readers to easily access and interact with the story."
The book was first posted on Christmas Day, 2013. O'Leary's has a solid 1500 readers per month, so this interactive fiction should soon gain a strong following.

From the Book's Introduction

"Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes to survive a zombie outbreak? Well, here’s your chance to find out. In the style of the classic Choose Your Own books from childhood comes an adult tale full of blood, guts, zombies, and lots of choices.

Can you survive? The odds are against you. There are 52 endings to this story. In 50 of them you will die. Those are tough odds, and only those most adapted to apocalyptic survival will make it through.

Please enjoy the book. I think it’s a lot of fun. Especially for zombie-movie fans who should enjoy all the references."

About the Author

P.R. O'Leary is a writer of dark tales tinged with humor, and sometimes humorous tales tinged with darkness. 

In addition to writing fiction he makes short films, writes film reviews, and runs very long distances. 

You can find his work at and you can find him at his geodesic dome in central New Jersey.

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