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Haley's Secret Sacrifice By Paul Loh

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Haley's Secret Sacrifice  

by Paul Loh

Haley Fenway had a secret crush on Brady Schullerman. He had come to the school earlier this year. At first he seemed to be quiet and kept to himself, but then he met Gabe. It seemed that Brady had something to prove. All Haley knew was that he was hot and that he was available.

Brady always had an air about him which suggested that he had something to hide. There was a mystery surrounding him that Haley found to be irresistibly charming. There was a sadness in his eyes that she believed only she was able to see. He hid it well when he was around Gabe. He seemed to come alive when he was around Gabe. Over the months, he came out of his shell and that was a refreshing change that Haley appreciated very much.

Haley's mother had a reputation around town as a slut. Word was that you could always reach all the bases in Fenway. This was a source of deep embarrassment for Haley. She didn't even know who her father was. There had been man after man in their house for the entire fourteen years that Haley had been alive. At a very young age, Haley had made a vow to herself that she would not be like that. She would save herself for marriage. This wasn't a religious thing, it was a matter of pride and self-esteem. That was why, despite her feelings for Brady, she remained aloof to him.
 There was a deep loneliness which came with abstinence. She was not as popular as she knew she could be. She had a lot of desirable qualities. She was intelligent, beautiful and funny. She was an excellent writer, singer and artist. If she could somehow find out what it was that made Brady different from anyone she had ever met, she believed that they could be a good match. She was afraid to speak with him though, for fear of seeming too aloof once she had attracted his attention. Of course the whole zombie apocalypse thing wasn't making matters any easier.

When zombies had overrun the school, Haley had managed to hide in the cafeteria. There was a large walk-in pantry in the kitchen in which she concealed herself. Once a lot of the noise had died down, she dared to venture out in search of other survivors. She found no other living people in the cafeteria. Through a window, she happened to catch a glimpse of a figure walking down a hallway. He looked around to see if anyone was following him, then silently crept into the boy's room. To her surprise, Haley recognized him as none other than Brady, the boy of her dreams!

Haley was gathering up the courage to leave the safety of the cafeteria when she noticed a second figure lurching toward the boy's room. She could tell by the mangled visage that this was not a living person, it was a zombie. It was headed straight toward the room into which Brady had sneaked. Brady would be hopelessly trapped! Haley decided to spring into action. She grabbed the largest knife she could find from the kitchen and quietly pushed open the cafeteria door. She then bee-lined it as quickly as she could toward the zombie, holding the knife in front of her with both hands.

Her aim was true and the blade plunged through the zombie's back and protruded from his chest! She had its attention now. Of course, since she had done no damage to the brain, the zombie was still quite mobile. It turned around and tried to grab her. She shrieked in surprise and stepped back. Unfortunately, she was too close to the down staircase and took a nasty tumble. It got her safely away from the zombie, but she broke her leg in the process. She passed out from the pain.

Hearing the struggle from within the boy's room, Brady thought there might be another living person in the hallway. He sneaked out to see what was up and saw a zombie looking down a flight of stairs at something below. A nearby locker contained a small skateboard which Brady used to smash the hell out of the zombie's skull. He never even noticed the knife sticking out of its back. He made his way down the stairs and saw that the girl lying there was still alive. He carefully carried her to the classroom where the others were waiting for his return.

Paul Loh is the author of The Greater Number 

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