Thursday, May 15, 2014

THE APOCALYPSE BLOG by Melanie Edmonds

Melanie Edmonds  has created The Apocalypse Blog. This free zombie novella spans a complete year in the zombie apocalypse. The entire narrative is done in this year-long series of fictional  blog entries. The blogs begin in the fictional world of Faith McIntyre  in December of 2008. The story concludes with Faith's last entry in December of 2009, about a year after the zombie outbreak. 

Jule Says:

The Apocalypse Blog makes a good first impression.  
The blog is a complete story that is easy to navigate. It appears to have had careful proofreading, and contains very few grammatical errors. The look and feel of the site is efficiently professional. There are no distracting elements. I did not find broken links or confusing connections.   



For a little more depth,
and a different angle, take a look at the 

Or, read through the


The entire story is also available at Amazon--

Start with 

Book 0: Before The End  


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