Thursday, May 22, 2014


 Zombie Girls is  a completed online serial that looks to be equivalent to around a 100-page novella. 

There are 99 chapters. Each chapter is one blog post. Posts range in length from 500-750 words. 

The narrator of  Zombie Girls is young, hungry and scared.
It’s been four days since I’ve had food.  It’s been one since I’ve had water.  I don’t think Celie’s coming back.  It’s been far too long.
I should really go out now.  I should go out, and find food and water.  But I’m scared.
She is also alone.
“Celie,” I whisper, and lie on my side holding my stomach. But just like yesterday, and the day before, she doesn’t come.

Celie left eight days ago to get more food and water. Eight days to the end of the street and back. I know what has happened to Celie, and I know she won’t be coming back.

Who will protect me now?
Her name, she tells us, is Delilah.
I’ll tell you my name.  It’s Delilah.  Okay, not really.  But now that no one’s here anymore – except for them – it doesn’t really matter, does it?   Delilah.  Man, the argument I would get from my Mom on that one.  Not that it’s biblical or anything.  I just like the sound of it.  Fancy and clean and mysterious.


Jule Says

At First Glance:  I noticed some nicely written descriptions in the first chapter. These little sections have good rhythm and spark some interest. I also noticed some paragraphs that seemed to have disconnected ideas and abrupt transitions. 
Overall Appearance:  The site is easy to navigate. Each page is correctly linked to the next, and there's a sidebar that leads to each chapter individually. The site is simple and uncluttered.


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