Wednesday, July 30, 2014

THE DEAD CAN RUN by Dora Gonzalez


The Dead Can Run

Dora Gonzalez has begun a zombie story. It is more of a free-writing exercise that she publishes as she completes each section. Gonzalez shares:
"While reading Being a Writer: A Community of Writers Revisited by Peter Elbow and Pat Belanoff last year I gave free writing another go. This is the product of that escapade."
Peter Elbow is a proponent of public freewriting. Elbow, a professor of writing at UMass Amherst, teamed with Belanoff from SUNY to create the textbook Gonzalez uses as her guide.

Gonzales writes in the first person, and lets the story flow where it will. She strives to add humor but keeps the basic conflict simple:

"Another boring day behind a cubicle turns into a walking nightmare. I find myself having to decide to join a group of survivors OR find my own way out of the growing zombie infestation."


The Dead Can Run




At First Glance: It's clear that Gonzalez is exploring, rather than creating a polished piece for publication. Still, it could spark some interesting conversations and new writing discussions. The story is very short at this time.

My first impression is that this is better than one might expect for a free-writing exercise.  The opening built some suspense and, aside from some usage errors, it was pretty clean.  The first-person narrative has an abundance of "I" sentences that sometimes seem repetitive. There are several areas where it's much more "tell" than "show"-- the sorts of things that are often expanded or transformed during the revision process. 

Overall Appearance: If you start at chapter one, it is easy to navigate forward through the story. However, if you get off track, it is a little difficult to find your way back.  The site where this is posted has a romance theme. The story is intended to be fun rather than frightening.

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  1. Thanks Jule for listing my zombie series on your blog. I am excited to dive deeper into this free writing exercise and I will take all the wonderful feedback into polishing The Dead Can Run when it gets ready for publication. I also noticed a bit too late that I hadn't created a page, which does make it hard for a reader new and following to keep track. :) But as of now the series does have a main page.

    Thanks again and looking forward to discovering new zombie series through your blog.