Monday, July 14, 2014

VOICE IN THE DARK by W. Zach Griffith

W. Zach Griffith has begun a zombie novel, and published it in installments online. However,  Zach Griffith's motives are a touch different from those of other authors.  He's interested in direct feedback from his readers. Griffith says: 
 "These are the first 12 chapters of my rough draft. I would really like to feel out the zombie fiction fan community about where my story is lacking and how I can make it better."


In Griffith's novel, a man named Sam lives among survivors who have banded together to form city-states. According to the author:
It's the near future and survivors of the zombie apocalypse have formed into city states vying for control of territory now owned by the risen dead-the Infected. Sam and his dog make their living by roaming the territory of one of these new city-states hunting the infected, bandits and criminals.
Chapter 11 was first published on Tales of the Zombie War in April, 2014. Readers offered positive responses and asked for more. 

Jule Says:

AT FIRST GLANCE: The opening sentence did a good job of setting the scene in an interesting way. Those familiar with zombie fiction will likely fill in the blanks immediately with images of the undead. After that sentence, the author dips into a description and a flashback that fleshes out the relationship between man and dog. Griffith states right up front that his story has not been edited, and it could use some proofreading. Some of the time transitions are a little unclear in the first page. The author's purpose in posting is to improve his story, so I give him several bonus points for that. 

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Navigation is fairly smooth, graphics are minimal, text and layout are easy enough to follow.  The picture at the top of the page is a bit gruesome. Readers can navigate using the sidebar or click at the bottom of each entry. The text is white-on-black-- not my personal favorite, but quite popular with the zombie crowd. 


Voice in the Dark

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